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Undergraduate Program

Our three year undergraduate major is designed as one component in a double major, to be accompanied by another major related to cognitive science. The second major will be selected from the following list of departments at Hebrew University: Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics and language programs, Computer Science, Communications, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Musicology, Statistics, Economics, Law, or Amirim.

The academic curriculum includes breadth and depth studies, based on the following principles:


Comprehensive breadth studies in each of the major cognitive fields, including Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Logic, Computation and Cognition, and Brain and Cognition.


Specialized studies in one field corresponding to the student's accompanying major.


Interdisciplinary studies emphasizing the integration of disciplinary methods, reasoning, and argumentation in the study of cognition, in courses such as Language and Thought, Thought and Computers, Neural Computation, and Musical Cognition.